Valuation Services

Valuation Reports:

All our reports for mortgage or market purposes cover the factual, evidential and physical matters the end-user requires to make an informed, market-based decision regarding the subject property.

These include: Legal Description and copy of the Computer Freehold Register Identifier; Rating Valuation; Valuation calculation with method adopted and supporting sales evidence; description of the property, zoning, building age, type, construction and condition, any other buildings, plus site development.

A valuation report is not a building structural survey, but it will identify areas the Valuer considers needing further investigation. This also applies to other potentially contentious issues, such as District Planning and legal requirements.

Replacement Insurance Valuations:

These are required by Insurance Companies to establish adequate building insurance cover and the calculation of insurance premiums. They are normally updated every two years, to reflect increases in building costs, or every year, if the sum insured is over a certain level. These assessments are not market-related, but are purely factual – in terms of building areas and estimated cost to replace.

Rental Assessments:

These are undertaken for either the landlord or tenant, usually in terms of an existing lease document. Valuers for the respective parties – if there is a difference between their rental assessments – often initially meet on a “without prejudice basis,” to try and agree to a settlement. If this is not possible, the matter can still proceed to Arbitration. If required, Brian Hamill is qualified and experienced to act as Arbitrator, or Umpire, under the Arbitration Act 1996.

Financial Reporting Valuations:

Property Asset valuations are carried out for accounting purposes, specifically within the requirements of the International Financial Reporting Standards, at the appropriate balance date.


We are happy to advise on any matters of concern, large or small, regarding property within our sphere of expertise, and to liaise with other professionals, where this is required.